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Accovia is a Canadian and French Company, which designs, builds and implements IT solutions and services to Tourism professionals.

The company provides world travel industry leaders with solutions adapted to the market demands.

The company's solutions are aimed at industry businesses (such as tour operators, airlines, travel agencies, and hotels) which supply tour packages and sell more than one travel component...

Proven Know-How and Expertise

Grounded by the company's many years of experience, Accovia's innovative and flexible solutions help to better manage operations at tourism product packagers and distributors.

In 2009, both directly and through dealers, Accovia helped these businesses process over 25 million consumers more effectively. In addition to simplifying or automating numerous once costly and inefficient processes, Accovia has facilitated, over the years and in more than 10 countries, more than 450 million consumer transactions, representing tens of billions of dollars in the areas of travel packaging and travel package supply and distribution.

Accovia's success is the product of its unique know-how and expertise. Accovia's teams are considered among the best in the field, and the company's tourism and technology knowledge makes for an exceptional combination.

Accovia offers to Tourism businesses the technological tools and infrastructure to face the new challenges linked to market evolution, supplier practices and increasingly varied customer types and expectations.

An International Team with Worldwide Aspirations

Accovia's robust footprint in both Europe and North America allows us to be at the leading edge of the tackled technological domains, and offer the best products and services to the industry's professionals.

  • Lexo is a software suite for all tourism actors that wish to manage and sell many travel component types, packaged and distributed through a variety of sales channels and tools.
  • Hubiz The Hubiz product line includes different solutions for revenue optimization, yield management and dashboards. These solutions can be deployed onto, and integrated with, any system. Off-line, batch, near real-time and real-time solutions are available.


Our solutions for Tourism Industry professionals :




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