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Accovia is a Canadian and French company specialized in the development and the integration of IT solutions for the Tourism industry. The company provides two main ranges of solutions, aimed at Travel producers and tourism actors: Lexo and Hubiz Travel Intelligence.

- LEXO, Packaging Engines: Back office and dynamic travel packages production and distribution system.

- HUBIZ Travel Intelligence: The Hubiz product line includes different tools for Revenue Management and Business Intelligence.


  • Dynamically assembles many travel component types
  • Dynamically computes price
  • Solution based on the leading and most performing
    Business Rules Management Syste
  • Industrial personalization of travel packaging
  • Manages both internal and external stocks/inventory
  • External eConnectors (GDS, Low-cost, Hotels, CRS...)
  • Pilots the segmentation and allocation of stocks
  • eCatalog, automated catalogs' production
  • Efficiently supports e-selling via web services
  • Normalized and performing support of distribution
  • Merging of multiple data sources
  • Dynamic analysis and forecasting
  • Inventory optimization
  • Forecasting and recommendation piloting
  • Creation and management of budgetary forecast
  • Client and products profitability analysis
  • Group sales optimization
  • Sales price calculation based on costs(costing/pricing)
  • Daily stock operations piloting
  • "A la carte" integration of Hubiz RM modules
  • Rich set of configurable rule parameters
  • Business indicators personalization


Mass customization of travel products: a concept devised by Accovia in response to the increase in tourism industry operators and in price competition, mass customization of travel products makes product differentiation, itself made necessary by these increases, possible.


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